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There are so many websites that I’ve learned from along my way. I’ve listed as many as I can think of here, along with a short description. I’m sure I’ll add to this list as I remember and discover others. Am I missing any good ones? Please let me know!


American College of Gastroenterology – General information about anything to do with digestive health and diseases, including a glossary of terms. You can also sign up for their Digestive Health SmartBrief – an e-newsletter that has links to the latest clinical trials, discoveries, and policy updates. It comes about weekly and always has a really good quote at the bottom (non-GI related).

Crohnology – This thoughtfully-designed website made it onto my bookmark bar (VIP!). It is a great way to quantify and track your health, and the site generates useful graphs and figures created from the data input by its users. So for example, if you’re considering starting probiotics, you can find out what ratings it got (1-5 stars), read reviews, and see who is currently taking them so you can private-message them if you like. You can also ask questions to the entire Crohnology community, which usually leads to immediate and helpful responses.

DrWeil.com – I’m a big Andrew Weil fan, and whether you’re just beginning to look into integrative medicine or are experienced in it, his website is worth checking out. If there’s a question I have on holistic health, there’s a good chance he has already addressed it in his Q&A section. He also has a Condition Care Guide, where there are pages on both UC and Crohn’s.

Healing Well Forum: UC – Your average forum with weird usernames and some never-ending threads, but man, this forum gets a zillion new posts every day, and it has been around since 2007, so it has quite a collection of information from people with UC giving testimonials and answering questions about almost every treatment and symptom imaginable. Almost anything you search can be found on some thread, and if you’re browsing, you might come across some things you’ve never heard of, like the spinach-and-sunflower-seed diet…who knew? They also have a Crohn’s forum.

Joyful Belly – “Better health through digestion with an Ayurvedic diet” – On this website, you can learn about digestion as Ayurvedic medicine conceptualizes it, find out your dosha, look up recipes, and learn about the properties of different herbs, spices, and foods. There are monthly teleconference calls where the founder of the website talks about a topic in digestion that I enjoyed listening in on a few times when they were free, but unfortunately they now cost $9.

Kitchen Medicine Cooking Medicine – This guy is a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, and he writes about both in his blog. I haven’t read many entries, but he has a post about UC that was really interesting to read and informative. In it, he explains how TCM and Ayurveda conceptualize the disease and makes several points about healing it that are very sensical. He also offers a free 15-minute phone consultation if you like.

SELF Nutrition Data – Here you can look up any food, whether it’s strawberries or a Big Mac, and find out its nutritional profile – its glycemic load, inflammatory factor, vitamins, protein percentage, etc. A pretty handy tool.

UNC Guide to IBD – A great resource for general information about IBD – descriptions of treatment options (6MP gets its own page), a glossary of terms, etc. Basically, it’s everything you want to know in simple terms all in one place.

Handy Articles/Guides/Descriptions

4 Ways to Naturally Replenish Electrolytes

Corn: Your Queries Answered (scroll down a bit)

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Food Combining 


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