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This is me, jumping off of a camel at the pyramids, 2011

Welcome! I’m Roxanne. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (UC) in May 2007, my junior year of high school. At the time, I was indifferent to the diagnosis – I wasn’t worried about having a chronic illness, and I was happy to know the reason why I had been having diarrhea and stomach cramping for the weeks prior. I was put on prednisone, which helped me immediately, and a maintenance drug since I would be tapered off the prednisone in the next couple months. (Read more about my diagnosis at my first post, here.)

For almost two years I lived flare-free, and I continued to not care much about having UC during this time. I couldn’t even explain off the top of my head what the disease was. In March of 2009, though, I had my first flare, meaning I started to experience symptoms of colitis. I managed this flare with a round of prednisone and then switched to a stronger maintenance drug later in the year when I couldn’t taper completely off the prednisone. The following January, I landed myself in the hospital after ignoring a flare that began in December, but after four days there on IV prednisone and fluids, I was healthy enough to go back to school. I did a slow taper on prednisone and succeeded in doing so.

It was my most recent flare that resulted in this blog. Read about it here. In summary, I had a flare that would not go away, even after trying one of the strongest drugs available for colitis, even after being hospitalized for over two weeks. The doctors all recommended surgery, but I was (and still am) completely opposed to that option; I would rather heal my colon than remove it, and I decided to take a more natural approach to accomplishing this.

This blog is about my path to health, to a happy colon. I have health updates (and in the thick of it, I’ll mostly be writing those), posts about the various types of alternative approaches I’m trying, recipes that correspond to my dietary needs (at least free of gluten, dairy, and sugar) and maybe some things that relate more to my personality than my disease. Speaking of personality, here are some things to know about me:

  • I love to travel. I’ve couch surfed, sailed, taken the Chinatown bus…all great adventures.
  • I love to cook, learn about food and nutrition, and look at food blogs all day long.
  • I really appreciate correct grammar, well-thought-out design, efficiency, respect for the environment, and genuine people.
  • I love watching movies. A few of my favorites are Amelie, the Royal Tenenbaums, Cider House Rules, Lost in Translation, and Ratatouille
  • What else? I love winter, I really want to go to Scandinavia, I go to college in Boston and really love this city, I keep Christmas lights up year round, and sometimes I pick my nose. No joke – sometimes tissues just don’t cut it.

Whatever your reason for reading this blog – if you’re a friend or family member keeping up with my health, someone with UC wondering about holistic healing or the disease in general, or someone with a similar diet looking for recipes – I hope you find it satisfying!


6 comments on “About Me

  1. Anonymous
    September 12, 2011

    Hi Roxanne, This is cousin Anna Samuelian in Pa. I was just told about your health issue and blog by Dierdre. Great photo above and great blog. I will keep up with your blog.

    Love you,


  2. Barbie Walsh
    March 23, 2012

    I plan to try the butternut squash bread this weekend. Wonder what made it rise? I copied all your blog and sent them off to Aunt Ellie, who is actually now learning to use her computer. But I think she needs help. Wish you were closer to her so you could give her a little computer 101,

  3. Levi
    December 11, 2012

    Glad I found your website. Since you are into good grammer and well thought out design, I’m not sure you will like my website!

    Your site is well put together and I look forward to coming back to visit. I was like you when I first started having symptoms…I didn’t pay much attention to it.

    I haven’t gone through your entire site, but have you found a natural cure for your UC?

  4. Amanda
    March 22, 2013

    Great blog. That’s cool that you go to college in Boston! I live in MA (though about an hour away from Boston). It’s a nice city.

    • Rox
      March 22, 2013

      Thanks! I’m at home on medical leave right now, so I’m also about an hour away, but hopefully this summer I’ll be back.

      • Amanda
        March 22, 2013

        Bummer that you’re on medical leave but I believe we need to take the time to heal our bodies if that’s what it takes. Hope you’re able to come back!

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