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November 15 Update

View of Lake Champlain while apple picking in Vermont

View of Lake Champlain while apple picking in Vermont

Highlights of my life and health right now:

  • Symptoms pretty much absent and have been for several months
  • Only on two prescriptions (6MP and prednisone) and taking a less ridiculous number of supplements
  • Have energy to see friends almost every weekend
  • Have strength and stamina to walk around when with friends, to walk up stairs, and to go on short bike rides
  • Even took a bus to Vermont on a weekend trip to visit friends!
  • Able to be more spontaneous
  • Reached the lower end of my healthy weight range, and therefore can buy normal sized clothes and fit into my old clothes
  • Positive and confident outlook on resolving this flare
  • Iinternship is going really well and I’m living in a great place
  • Looking forward to a semester of classes starting in January
  • Looking forward to graduating in May!

Let’s call those things Phase I of healing. Then Phase II would be to:

  • Successfully get off prednisone
  • Be able to eat a greater variety and greater quantity of cooked vegetables
  • Gain some more strength and stamina through light exercise

And ultimately, I want to:

  • Successfully get off 6MP and rely only on Chinese herbs, minimal supplements, a quality diet, and stress-reduction techniques
  • Add more of the more difficult-to-digest foods back into my diet (such as raw veggies, beans, nuts, seeds, etc)
  • Become iron man
  • (not)
  • Maybe tai chi master?? Or perhaps owner of an ice cream parlor with all kinds of lactose-free, sugar-free, etc, ice cream??
  • We’ll see!

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