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Sept 14 Update: Back at School, and Eating Veggies Again!

I am living at my apartment in Boston again for fall classes! It sucks to be starting the semester off in a weakened state (flare just ended, 90 pounds, have been sedentary for the past couple months), but I suppose that is better than being well and on a downward trend (how I was in the summer semester).

It would have made a huge difference if school had started just one week later; I would not have missed class for my doctor’s appointment and blood transfusion, and I would have seen more improvement from the antibiotics and transfusion. But with very understanding professors, it has worked out fine. The first full week of classes is over, I have caught up with the two assignments that I received extensions on, and now my first weekend living back in my apartment is coming to an end.

I love my classes: Sustainable Energy is an engineering course that involves a lot of reading and several writing assignments, so it’s really up my alley in both class style and content. The first assignment was to make a carbon footprint calculator, and the assignment I’m working on now is to write a one page paper on either the similarities or differences between Obama and Romney’s proposed energy policies. (I chose to write about the differences, because then I’ll actually have material to work with!) I’m also taking a Probability course and a GIS course. (GIS is a mapping software.) So far so good in those, but I won’t go into detail as I should get around to some more homework this evening…(or maybe just go to sleep soon. We’ll see what I’m up for.)

So far, the workload is very manageable, so I’m not concerned about feeling overwhelmed by classes. I won’t be doing a work study, and so I will have time to take my time, and hopefully start swimming and/or yoga.

Since I’ve been feeling so well (using the bathroom just once a day!), I added vegetables back into my diet, aborted the 6MP, and went from 8.5mg prednisone to 8mg. So far so good with the increase in food variety and decrease in drugs. For veggies, I started with peas and carrots, which were the first veggies I had added in back in February. Then today I took a trip to Whole Foods and bought beets and kale for new veggies, dulse flakes for some nutrition that I can add to anything I make, and soy nuts for a snack. I also restocked some chicken, carrots, peas, ginger, and toothpaste.

In case you’re wondering, no one approved soy nuts for me; I made the decision because I really needed a snack food for one thing, and also I discovered that they are a high-alkaline food. High alkaline is not a diet that ever came up with any of the many practitioners I’ve seen, but I heard about it through word of mouth, looked it up, thought it made sense for me, and found that most foods I am “approved” to eat are already high-alkaline (except for chicken and eggs) and foods I avoid are more acidic. For example, wheat, condiments, dairy, alcohol, coffee, red meat, and sweeteners are all acidic. Millet, vegetables, garlic, ginger, and watermelon are all more alkaline. The idea is not to be high alkaline, but to balance out acidity with high alkaline foods. (And FYI- there’s a difference between acidic foods and acid-forming foods. I should actually have said “acid-forming” or “alkaline forming” instead of acidic or alkaline alone in this paragraph. Lemons are acidic, but they are alkaline-forming, and thus included in a high-alkaline diet. Though, I found that when flaring, I couldn’t have lemons. But I digress.) Check out this alkaline food chart.

In other words, I was looking for an excuse to have a new snack, and I found something that justified a snack that appealed to me. They are salty, crunchy, and yummy.

The one on the right


So for dinner tonight I ate millet and chicken with a Moroccan Beet and Kale Salad (minus the honey-ginger sauce, which required some stir-frying. I just boiled some garlic with the beets and kale instead). And thanks to cooking that, I have vegetable broth, although it will dye my millet red from the beets! Man I love having a variety of vegetables!!

That’s all for now, folks.


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