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The bigger picture of this flare for me

This blog could probably be of more use to the world if I talked a bit about how my symptoms, whether they’re better, worse, nonexistent, plateauing, etc, affect my daily life. After all, I don’t spend all day on the toilet, although funny story there – yesterday I walked by a toilet out for trash-pickup, and then while driving, we passed a truck with an outhouse on its bed – I just can’t seem to get away from bathrooms!

This summer, I’ve seen friends, but not as often as I’d like, and I haven’t been able to follow through with certain plans or ideas for plans. My friends and I found a day that we were all available to go to Canobie Lake Park – an amusement park in New Hampshire that none of us had been to in a long time. Unfortunately, they went, and I didn’t; I hadn’t been feeling well the days leading up to that day because I had just returned to my probiotics/green powder and hadn’t yet learned that the rice powder was causing a reaction. I was also just really tired. So I let my friends go on without me.

A friend’s birthday was this past week, and I was invited up to Manchester NH to go out, and while I was feeling better colon-wise, I didn’t have the energy. Same goes for this Sunday, when I’m invited to a park in NH with my friend’s family to hang out, eat, and tie-dye. It’s unfortunately not going to happen. I think I’d have the energy, as it would be during the day, but the thought of being out in the heat and not being able to eat all the good food I’d be surrounded by doesn’t really sound like fun.

I think I’ve made it clear in this blog that I don’t mind being restricted in my diet; I’ll do what it takes to give my colon a fighting chance, and I really do like the food I eat. But I like making my food in a kitchen, heating it up and eating it in a real bowl. Also, being around delicious food I can’t eat can be a little depressing sometimes, especially in the summer, when there are more types of food to drool over that make my tupperware of millet a little less appealing.

In general, I can’t be spontaneous; to take proper care of myself, it’s best to plan things out, not over-exert, and:

And as bad as my symptoms get, as drawn out as my flares are, as crazy as my diet seems, and as sad as the limits are on my daily life, everyone needs to understand that I feel strongly about my body’s ability to heal, and I won’t give up. I’ve got a long life ahead of me, so please be patient with me and my colon, and support me in my journey to proper health.


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This entry was posted on August 25, 2012 by in Health/Life Update, Psychology of IBD.

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