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News! Pollution the suspect of a colitis cluster

Article: Researchers suspect toxins behind Washington town’s colitis cluster – The Seattle Times

I just read this article about a town in Washington where 17 of the 296 residents have colitis (a high incidence). Those with the disease are all downstream and downwind of a smelter (where metal is extracted from its ore) in British Columbia. Researchers suspect that toxins from the smelter are the cause of this colitis cluster.

The article also mentions that Crohn’s and colitis “emerged after the Industrial Revolution, when exposure to pollution from coal-fired factories and vehicle emissions became a part of many people’s daily lives.” While I’ve heard and agree that the environment is likely a factor in triggering IBD, I’ve never thought about how the industrial revolution was basically the beginning of pollution.

There are plans to perform more research in the town and surrounding area.

An interesting article!


One comment on “News! Pollution the suspect of a colitis cluster

  1. Elaine Meuse
    August 15, 2012

    This is amazing. Good for Dr. Korzenick! I hope he finds answers.

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