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Update: Half-Birthday

It’s been a week and a half since that crazy Friday that I saw the functional doctor and my herbalist, when I started a nutritional powder and a new herbal mixture. As mentioned in my last post, I started to feel better the day after. Since then, I’ve continued to do as well; the amount of blood has consistently been less than before, and there are more nights when I have bigger chunks of sleep.

Last week, I had my second iron infusion and an appointment with my herbalist. The past several times I’ve seen my herbalist I just went to pick up herbs; an appointment means we have a longer talk about my progress and I get acupuncture done. My herbalist encouraged me to buy the nutritional powder he had given me a sample of the week before; veggie broth is not a suitable replacement at this point in my healing process, although I should continue to drink/use that too. (I cook my millet in it.) The nutritional powder is called All Day Energy Greens, and besides being packed with vitamins and minerals, it has antioxidants that I need. I ordered some the other day and am excited for that to arrive…I actually really like the taste and am almost out of the sample he had given me.

The iron infusion went just as smoothly as the first time, so I will probably drive myself this week. After this infusion, I will have two more in the next two weeks, for a total of five infusions.

This weekend, my parents were away, so I had some friends over for a fire. A couple of them left early, and a couple came late, resulting in a much longer night than I expected, but it was wonderful. We grilled marinated chicken and veggie kabobs (I just had a chicken kabob with dried mint which was actually really amazing) and had rice on the side. At around 2am we opened a bottle of cheap champagne that had been sitting in our cellar refrigerator for probably years, judging by the mildew on the outside. Although I couldn’t partake, it was a really funny time, and I sipped my pomegranate juice out of a wine glass with satisfaction as my friends enjoyed the surprise celebratory drink. After getting four hours of sleep, I made sprinkle pancakes for my friends that stayed over. This was my signature breakfast/treat in high school, and I still have the batter recipe memorized! (I ate oatmeal with bananas and cinnamon, which was delicious if not compared to sprinkle pancakes.) The following night (last night), I got plenty of sleep, and today I feel great and have accomplished a lot, and it’s just noon! I love having the house to myself, and I find I am more productive when no one is around. I have good energy today, both physically and otherwise, and I think that having such a fun and spontaneous night with friends, followed by a good night’s rest and a day to myself, contributed to this. I’m so glad and somewhat surprised that that night awakened my spirit rather than caused me any exhaustion. Cheers to my friends and my health! And how fitting today is my half birthday. :)


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