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I’ve been living in Boston and attending summer classes for a month now and have been managing everything – including my health – very well. Not just managing, but enjoying! After being home and in the hospital for the past year, I really appreciate every little thing, and every big thing, that I took for granted before getting sick. My time management this semester has been phenomenal, which I see as necessary to avoid stress that could potentially worsen my symptoms.

I’m still underweight and don’t have my full strength back, I’m still on a very restricted diet and am taking supplements and herbs, and I’m still tapering on prednisone. But I feel well and have enough weight and strength to function well while taking classes and living away from home. I do need to plan my days: I bring my lunch and some supplements to school, I can’t do things too spontaneously, I try to get 8 hours of sleep, and I watch how much I exert myself – but these are all doable, and all worth the wellness I get from them. Just being at this point is so wonderful, considering where I was for the past year.

I really lucked out with my classes this semester.  My professors are very reasonable with work, and one of them actually turned the 4-day/week class into a 2-day/week class. Also, there are no classes on Fridays. (So due to the recent long weekend, I had a 4-day weekend and a 3-day school week! That’s the way things should always be!)

Eczema popped up on my hands and eyelids not long after moving in to my apartment, which could be a coincidence, or perhaps it’s because of the mildew in the bathroom. (The fan had been broken.) But maybe I would have gotten it anyways; I tend to get it once in awhile, and eczema, like UC, is an autoimmune reaction. I took pictures of my hands today to show to my dermatologist and herbalist in case it has disappeared by the time I see them. Pictures are also good to have for my own records.The eczema isn’t so bad, though; it’s itchy and ugly, but relatively mild. Since my flare, though, everything bad is relatively mild! But that just makes the good things seem extraordinary. And some of the good things about being back in Boston are:

  • running into friends and occasionally making it a point to see them
  • making new friends
  • going to class, even the 8 am one
  • learning
  • seeing art — so far: First Friday at the South End studios and an afternoon at the Museum of Fine Arts. (And did you know that there is a zen garden behind the MFA? You don’t even need an MFA pass to get in.)
  • walking through the urban environment – I walk to school everyday and love watching everyone else’s morning routines (a few people I see almost every day – the lady wearing sneakers, the custodian, the girl with the green backpack, the kid leaning against the fence…) and the progress being made in the construction of the new Mass Art dorm
  • going to Earth Fest at the Hatch Shell and seeing Third Eye Blind play
  • riding the T
  • going to new places, like Wally’s Cafe
  • doing yoga

Life is good!

Earth Fest, photo taken from the foot bridge over Storrow Drive on our way there



2 comments on “Back at School

  1. Barbie Walsh
    June 2, 2012

    I’ve missed you Happy Colon!
    Life is very good!
    Auntie Barbara

  2. J Meuse
    June 2, 2012

    Glad you’re feeling better Rox…& enjoying Boston again.

    Great picture. It looks like a solid block of people with no spaces. How would you like to be in the very center. Or maybe you were.

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