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My Potato Chips Equivalent: A Jazzed Up Rice Cake

Lundberg rice cake with flaxseed oil and salt

For a while, pretty much all I ate were chicken and millet. (You might know that by now.) I’m not complaining; chicken and millet are delicious, and sticking to a simple diet helped save my colon, but it kind of sucked to eat these at breakfast. And besides a normal breakfast, one thing I missed was a good snack – something to munch on between meals – something crunchy, salty, and oily, like potato chips or peanuts. My diet has expanded, but I won’t eat these still, since they would be more difficult to digest. But I have an alternative! Here is my snack:

Jazzed Up Rice Cakes

  • A plain/salted rice cake (I recommend Lundberg for a packed crunchy cake, or Mother’s for a more airy cake)
  • Flaxseed Oil (1 or 2 teaspoons?)
  • Salt

Carefully drizzle some oil on the rice cake. (I am proud to have finally almost perfected this step.) Then sprinkle some salt on top, even if the rice cake comes salted.

This is surprisingly quite comparable to chips, both taste- and texture-wise, but much better in terms of nutrition. You really can’t go wrong here. You’ve got the crunch, the saltiness, and the oiliness, but you get anti-inflammatory omega-3- instead of deep-fried canola. You could even smash up the rice cakes to make “popcorn,” or you could buy puffed rice cereal. (This exists in a form other than Rice Krispies, such as Nature’s Path brand.)

Really, this is delicious. It’s not like comparing rice pasta to more-delicious glutenous pasta. My rice cakes are just as delicious as potato chips. In fact, I am going to eat one right now!


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