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Below is a scene from O Brother Where Art Thou, where George Clooney’s first waking words (watch from 0:35, if you  must) are “My hair!” Watch the rest of the clip to see how hilarious this movie is.

And this relates to me because the other day, as I was looking in the mirror trying to get my hair to agree with me, I said the same thing as George Clooney after noticing something wonderful and strange: I had some clusters of inch-long hair sticking out of my head!

During this debacle of a flare, my hair thinned out quite a bit due to malnutrition – low iron in particular I think. My nails also became brittle. Now, here is evidence that my state of health is much improved – my hair is growing back! My nails are also getting stronger.

I wonder how long it will take for those little hairs to reach full length. When I was younger, I wished my hair wasn’t so thick, and now I roll my eyes thinking of that time. I can’t wait to have annoyingly thick hair again.

Drug update: I’m down to 11mg of prednisone a day and am off of vancomycin. I am still taking the supplements and Chinese herbs.


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