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My colitis symptoms have been almost nonexistent for the past couple weeks. It’s hard to believe that I was so thrown off after my colonoscopy a month ago, leading to symptoms reminiscent of how my flare was before I started the herbs. In fact, I’m doing better now than I was just before the colonoscopy. Maybe it was the blitz of antibiotics? Maybe the increase of prednisone actually made a difference this time? Maybe it was the adjustment of my herbs? Maybe it was some of the above, all of the above, or none of the above. Whatever the reason, though, I’m really pleased.

I am using the bathroom (and when I say that, I mean #2 of course) just once upon waking up and once more in the evening, and my stools are looking pretty decent. My appetite and energy level are just about normal. I’m not eating the same foods and doing the same activities I was before the flare, but they’re not all that different. From pasta to millet, from walking on Huntington Ave to walking on the beach or in the park, from sitting studying to sitting watching Netflix, from yoga to tai chi, from treating myself to chocolate ice-cream with sprinkles to treating myself with rice crackers with flax seed oil and salt. The biggest differences are 1- that I was practically vegetarian and now chicken and fish are staples of my diet, and 2- that I now get at least eight hours of sleep every night.

Some activities I’ve done lately include: going to the beach during the unseasonably hot weather last week, going for a walk in a nearby Maudslay Park, reconnecting with old friends, beginning to study for the LEED Green Associate exam, and spending a day shopping at consignment stores in Cambridge. (The Garment District has $1.50/pound clothes in a pile on the first floor and vintage and newish clothes on hangers and for real prices on the second floor. All profits from Boomerangs go towards fighting AIDS.)

Plum Island

Chic crab

Dressing rooms at the Garment District

I signed up for summer classes at school, which will begin in early May and last through June. I’ll be taking two classes which are not civil engineering courses (my major) but are required: Advanced Writing and Physics II. I think that this semester will be a really good way to ease myself back into school; it’s a full load (since the semester is just two months), but it’s just two classes to stay on top of rather than four, and I’ve been writing with this blog more than I was in past school semesters, so I feel like I have a running start for the writing course. And I love physics, although, Physics II covers very different material than Physics I, so we’ll see. But after the semester ends, I’ll have July and August off before the four-month fall semester, during which time I’ll road-trip with my family to my cousin’s wedding in Newfoundland and continue studying for the LEED exam (which I’m planning on taking in early September).

I’m really looking forward to this semester – to be living in the city again and enjoying all it has to offer, like attending classes, seeing my friends there, riding public transportation, being around all types of people, and visiting museums. I’m excited to have the privilege to focus on aspects of my life other than my health, a privilege that has already begun. I have classes Monday through Thursday, and my parents suggested I come home for the weekends to relax, do laundry, stock up on food for the week, and probably so they can see how I am doing. I’m not opposed, but I’m not exactly planning on this for every weekend either. (Sorry Mums and Pops). I look forward to more independence now that I am healthier, but we’ll see how everything goes with my workload, health, and energy. It might be more relaxing and productive to stay in Boston on the weekends rather than trek home, but fortunately, it is less than an hour’s drive between the two.

Tonight, I will be watching the Mad Men Season 5 premiere. I just finished Season 4 on Netflix today, and I am anticipating pure excellence.


3 comments on “Update (No News is Good News)

  1. Anonymous
    March 25, 2012

    Best “good news” blog post I’ve read in a long time! Did I read ice cream? Just tried vanilla ice cream with a little molasses on top. Tastes like rum raisin. I’ll have to try the raisins next.

  2. Anonymous
    March 26, 2012

    So happy for you< Roxanne. Keep up the good work and enjoy LIFE!
    Aunt Karen

  3. UCP
    April 1, 2012

    Glad to hear you’re feeling so well!

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