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I’m happy with how my blog has developed since I started it in July last year. I have continued to write in it, and between my different post categories, I think I’m giving a wide picture of colitis.

Lately, I’ve mostly given health updates due to my situation being critical, but now that I’m doing better, I want to get back to having more informational posts. Early in this blog’s archives, I wrote a post about acupuncture and a post about chiropractic care. I’m going to start a new post category about my experience with various aspects of colitis – things like PICC lines, colonoscopies, bloodwork, etc. Each post will sum up all of my knowledge and experience of that aspect. This way, someone can visit my blog and easily find what they’re looking for, rather than read through all of my posts from when I was in the hospital to find out what life is like with a PICC line in. It will also be more helpful this way because I can look back on my past experiences with these things and write about what I might have done differently.

Since I’m currently drinking the cleanout solution in preparation for my colonoscopy tomorrow, you can guess what my first post will be about…


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