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The symptoms I’m still experiencing are manageable, though not preferable for the long term. Details are below. (When I post this to facebook, the first few lines show up on everyone’s newsfeed, and I’d rather have people needing to read my blog to find out these details, rather than just glance at their updates to find out). I’m having 3-4 stools a day, and lately they’ve been not quite semi-formed, plus there is still a small amount of blood.

For maybe a week, my last week in the hospital, I was only using the bathroom 2-3 times a day, every stool was semi-formed, and there was almost no blood. So I’ve backtracked a bit from that point, but it’s been like this for a couple weeks now, not getting any worse.

I feel like I am plateauing, which is better than getting worse – the typical trend once there’s any blood – but I can’t stop healing here. Although I feel fine, losing a tiny bit of blood in every stool is not healthy, and it’s contributing to my low iron level, plus the inflammation is making it difficult to gain weight. I currently weigh between 98 and 99 pounds in the morning, and it’s been like this since I got home. My healthy weight is at about 120 pounds, give or take 5 pounds.

On the bright side, I returned from what was considered to be a point of no return, and if I can make it this far, I can continue to heal. Plus, there are some promising numbers in my bloodwork: my albumin, electrolytes, and inflammatory factors are all is within the healthy range.

I’ve also had energy since being home and have gotten stronger. I’ve done things I haven’t been able to do for almost a year. I wake up early on Fridays to do Tai Chi, and I make it through the whole hour and 15 minutes. A couple Fridays ago, I visited my friend in Salem, where we went to a cafe (the Gulu-Gulu Cafe) to listen to live music. On my birthday last Monday, I drove to Portsmouth, NH, with my sister and two friends to walk around, shop, and eat. We ate at the Portsmouth Brewery, which I cannot commend enough for their ability to accommodate my dietary restrictions. I ordered grilled chicken (whoah! grilled not boiled! that was my treat to myself) and rice noodles, and told the waitress that I could have ginger, parsley, and salt but no other seasonings. The waitress communicated my needs clearly to the chef, and the chef made my simple, off-the-menu meal so delicious. Last summer I had a bad experience trying to order a Roxanne-version of a meal at a different restaurant, and now my confidence in restaurant customer service is restored. I emailed the brewery to tell them how much they rock.

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