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I'm still sporting the chipmunk face. Photo cred: sister

After two months (plus a week plus a day) in the hospital, I am home! Home is in an old house on a dead-end street in a small New England town. In my house there are hard-wood floors, paintings and photographs on the painted walls, a Roman numeral clock, bookshelves, oriental rugs, and a black labrador. It’s winter, so I sometimes hear the heat coming on through the radiators, and I’m bundled up here, where we’re not as generous with the temperature as the hospital is. Nature is right outside our windows; the tree bark is so close, whereas before I had to peer outside the window in order to see the tops of trees on Mission Hill and beyond.

It feels so good to be home. It will be a perfect environment for healing, not only mentally but physically; in the hospital, I was in my room all day, but here I’m scooting back and forth from room to room, all which serve a different purpose.

My dad and older sister picked me up from the hospital yesterday afternoon. I wish I could have said good-bye to some of the nurses, CAs, and doctors that I had connected with well during my time there, but the only goodbyes I had were with my current nurse, team of doctors, and the really nice secretary at the nurse’s station. We emptied the room of my stuff – food, clothes, magazines, backgammon board, stuffed animal penguin, mini Christmas tree, etc, and used a cart to bring it all downstairs to the car.

On the drive home, I sat up front and felt a sense of freedom as we drove over the Zakim bridge. Then before I knew it, we were off the highway and on local roads. Stepping into my kitchen through our side door, I felt so relieved, and I felt ready to be here. My dog was pretty apathetic about my great arrival – I had to pull him over by the collar and use some effort to keep him within petting distance – but I take it as a compliment that he did not treat me like a stranger. I guess I still smell the same – nothing exciting here.

Time to take a break from writing and grab a snack. Just because I’m out of the hospital doesn’t mean I can slack on eating and drinking as much as I possibly can. It’s time for…half a banana, a rice cake with flax seed oil and salt, and a drink with pomegranate juice and pedialyte.

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I’m back now and have just uploaded the pictures we took last night during our 2nd Christmas. We celebrated the holiday in the hospital, but I asked my parents to save some gifts for when I arrived home. We opened these last night, with my mini-Christmas tree lit up on top of our TV-cabinet.

2nd Christmas

I loved sleeping in my own bed last night, which we’ve dressed with fleece sheets…suuuuper cozy. After breakfast this morning I washed some dishes. It feels good to be able to help out around the house again.

Tomorrow I plan on going to a Tai Chi class with a friend of mine. The class is in the morning, which up until a month ago would be impossible for me, considering how symptomatic I was in the mornings. I’m really looking forward to getting out and trying something that is new to me and will be a really healthy aspect to my life.

I’m not sure how I’ll spend the rest of my day today, but it certainly won’t be spent on Netflix, as I did in the hospital, although I do need to catch up with Downton Abbey in time for the next episode airing this Sunday.

my new favorite show


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