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This post is just numbers, although they’re quite important numbers to me. (Summary if you start to get bored: I’m off the PN and just on fluids!)

Receiving 3/4 of the PN’s volume ended up being successful; I lost less than half a pound over three nights at that amount. (By the way, full volume is 2000mL and about 2000 calories.)

  • Night 1: 0.66 lb
  • Night 2: +2.86 lb (mentioned in my last post, where I hit 104 lb)
  • Night 3: 2.64 lb

That leaves a net weight loss of 0.44 lb, which is totally acceptable, considering I lost 500 calories and 500mL by going from full PN to 3/4. After Night 3, I weighed 101.64 pounds.

For the next two nights, instead of decreasing to half-volume of PN (1000 mL), we switched to fluids (containing just water, electrolytes and dextrose) at that volume.

  • Night 1: 0.99 lb
  • Night 2: +0.33 lb

Again, I lost weight, but again, not by much, and I proved that I’m able to gain while just on fluids. The morning after Night 1, I found out that my fluid intake from the 24 hours prior was negative, meaning my output was greater than the amount I drank. So that day, I drank more and it resulted in a slight weight gain.

As a doctor reminded me, this is a marathon, not a sprint, so day-to-day changes in weight aren’t as relevant as week-to-week changes. I can’t help but micromanage a bit, though.

Tonight, I’ll be on 4 hours of fluids rather than the 6 hours I was on last night. I’m drinking and eating, drinking and eating constantly. We’ll see what my weight is tomorrow, and my fluid intake vs output. But while calories are a bit difficult to compensate for, drinking more fluids just require a bit of concentration.

I lost a small amount of weight during this tapering process, but it’s an amount that both the doctors and I are okay with. It’s this short-term loss that I prepared myself for when I was at full-rate on the PN and increasing my caloric intake by mouth. I gained quite a lot during that time, and I’m just losing a fraction of that. Considering how well I’m eating and drinking, we have reason to believe that I can gain it back soon.


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