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Fattening me up

After the first night at 3/4 the volume of PN, I lost 0.66 pounds. Last night was the second night of 3/4 the volume, and I gained 2.86 pounds!! (That is a ridiculously large amount to gain in one day…definitely some water weight, but definitely some real weight too). I now I weigh 104.28 pounds!! (Healthy weight is about 120 pounds.)

Gaining weight also has made my prednisone “moon face” more pronounced…Prednisone has a tendency to make one’s face swell up, but since I was so underweight before, things canceled out. Now, it’s noticeable:

MOON FACE. hey chipmunk

But I’m still smiling.


One comment on “Fattening me up

  1. Barbie Walsh
    January 19, 2012

    Your face is beautiful!!

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