Happy Colon

Gut Feelings

Alphabet of Aspirations

The machine used for PN. Almost time to stay goodbye to this monster.

Last night, we began the taper on my PN. We’re taking this taper slower than the “tapers” in the past, where we went at half the rate one night, then off of it the next. This time, we’re starting at 3/4 the volume and will stay there for two or three nights, then decrease by a quarter again. After last night, I did lose 0.66 pounds from yesterday, but I’m not concerned. For one thing, I expect to lose a bit after the first night of tapering, and now, with 500 less calories in me, I’m a bit hungrier and will start making up for that loss. Also, this number is partially water weight, not real muscle mass. I’m working hard to drink more today to stay hydrated. Tomorrow I hope to have the same weight or greater. And fortunately, the rate I’ve been gaining at recently has been significantly higher than the amount I lost.

Beginning this taper is exciting to me. It means that we’re heading in the direction of discharge, which makes me think about all of the things I want to do once I’m out of the hospital. There is at least one thing for every letter in the alphabet:

practice my Accordion

visit the Beach

Celebrate my birthday. see my Chiropractor

walk my Dog

Exercise. finish Egypt scrapbook

visit Friends

Go outside

stay Hydrated

look for Inspiration

start wearing Jewelry again

be Kind to yourself

study for the LEED exam

get a Massage. shop at Marshall’s

go to Newburyport

stay focused on what’s Optimal for your health


Quuuuaaaaaack (I thought of something more intellectual to say here, but I like ducks)

Re-do christmas. develop Recipes for your more Restricted diet

watch a Sunrise. go Sledding

start doing Tai chi

do everything possible to ward off an Ulcerative colitis flare

Volunteer somewhere if you have the energy and time

keep Writing in my blog

X is always a problem…

take Yoga classes

stay Zen


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