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In my iTunes library, I have 40 playlists that I’ve made. A couple of them are a list of songs that I’d like to give to a friend, and others are full of songs I’ve received recently from a friend. I have a Christmas playlist, a sleep playlist, and a movie soundtracks playlist. Then there are the ones that are a bit more unique, with names like “cheer Up,” “easy, easy. It’s ok,” “My kind of party,” ” songs to grow old with,” and “sunrise.”

Today has been a great day, and I’ve just started a new playlist in honor of it, titled “blue skies & sunny days!” I thought to make this playlist when Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me” came on while I was listening to my “Old Romantic” playlist, and that is the first song on my ‘blue skies’ playlist. All but one song on it are from my parents’ generation. Click on the photo below to see what’s there…

blue skies & sunny days! playlist

Listen to this.

Today is a great day because for the second night in a row, I didn’t wake up needing to use the bathroom, I gained more weight (I’m at 98.45 pounds), and when the doctor saw my stool from this morning, she said “wow, that looks amazing!” There were also pigeons hanging out on my window ledge when I first woke up, some on the lower ledge and some on the upper ledge where they were silhouetted by the sun coming through the shade.

This room may be smaller than the room I was in before I was sent to the ICU, but it’s worth it for my feathered friends, the view of the Pru, and the quietness down this end of the hallway. (Before, I was in between the two nurse stations.) And a few days ago, a fluffy/feathery little thing (from a scarf perhaps) came floating up to my window and hovered around for a while. It’s the little surprises like this that start my morning off right.

slow down, you move too fast

you got to make the morning last

just kicking down the cobblestones

looking for fun and feelin’ groovy


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