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Update from Hospital, Part I

Hello, I’m in the hospital! WordPress has been blocked here, but for some reason, I can get on it at the moment. I’ve been listing updates on facebook in the meantime, so I’ll now copy and paste those. This is the first one, dated November 25, 2011:

I landed myself here mainly because in the past couple weeks, I lost about seven pounds, which put me in the danger zone, partially because it was too much loss in too short of a time, and also because I was already really underweight. Fortunately, I’ve been gaining weight slowly but surely – about a pound a day – since being here. I was admitted on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, a painless admittance because I had time to prepare myself mentally to be here after my doctor recommended I come in, and my doctor made it so I didn’t have to go through the ER. Some other decent things are that 1) I’m at Children’s Hospital, where all of the doctors and nurses are super nice, and 2) I have my own room, which has a view of the Mission Hill Church – beautiful!

It’s not just the recent weight loss that brought me here. My blood work hasn’t been looking good, too. I’m anemic, although a recent blood transfusion helped, and my platelet count has been too high – meaning I’m at a higher risk for blood clots. Then there are some other things like low sodium, low fill-in-the-blank.

I’ve been following a holistic approach ever since leaving the hospital in May, and I’ve seen improvement from that, but not enough, and despite this gentle, natural approach to healing, all of the things I mentioned above have happened.

Since being here, I’ve been put on a nasogastric feeding tube for nutrition and weight gain, and I have an IV in for prednisone and fluids. I had tapered down to 10mg of prednisone (an anti-inflammatory steroid drug) at home, but they put me back up to 40mg a day to work on reducing inflammation. I haven’t seen much improvement from the prednisone, but one difference is that I’m using the bathroom a bit less frequently at night.

They’re monitoring me closely – I have blood work taken twice a day, I’m hooked up to a heart monitor at night, and vitals are checked every four hours. I don’t have any long stretches of time where I’m left alone, or if I do then I’ll be interrupted by needing to use the bathroom. So it’s tiring being here a bit, plus my energy has been low anyways from my general health and activity level for the past six months.

Despite all of this, I’m staying optimistic about healing my colon rather than removing it. Once I’m out of the hospital with some weight and strength, I plan on trying Eastern medicine. I’m already doing acupuncture, but I think I need to complement that with herbs and anything else recommended by a practitioner of Eastern medicine. I was given a recommendation by a friend with Crohn’s for a Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist in Waltham, and I plan on giving him a try. My friend was at a similar, if not worse, place as me, and he got her out of the woods. I’ve also read about the incredible results people with UC have seen by using herbs. I’ve seen mixed results with the various supplements I’ve tried, and I think the only ones I want to continue are the probiotics and the fish oil.

So that’s the next step, but one thing at a time – for now, my priority is to gain weight and let the hospital help me.

That’s all for now!


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