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Fortunately + Unfortunately

I finally got the results from the stool test back, and I did indeed test positive for parasites, although they didn’t determine the type of parasites, which I was disappointed about. Oh well – supposedly, the supplements I’m taking from the chiropractor (Dr. C, my mom’s chiro) will take care of any parasite. The results also said that I had high amounts of good bacteria in my gut, meaning the probiotics have been doing their job, and I have no sign of yeast or fungi, which is a sign that avoiding mushrooms, vinegar, melons, and other fungi-friendly foods has been successful.

Conflicts Between Practitioners’ Views (what else is new?)

I told my chiropractor about the parasites. I was wondering why she never mentioned parasites or picked up on them. But it turns out that her view is: of course I have parasites, but it’s taxing on the body to get rid of them, so she’s been trying to build me up before working on them. And my acupuncturist just says, “No parasites!” When I showed my gastroenterologist the test results, he found a couple things interesting, but since it didn’t specify the type of parasites, he didn’t take that piece seriously and doesn’t think parasites are my problem. Such different views!

Once we told my nutritionist that I had stopped her supplements, at least temporarily, she said she was disappointed in that decision, and decided she should stop being a nutritional consult for me. She felt that there were too many chefs in the kitchen. I clarified the situation, but it ended up just not working out. I won’t go into detail on the matter here, but I’m actually okay with this, and I’m going to look into a local nutritionist who was recommended to me.

My Current State of Health

When I stopped the supplements from my nutritionist and started the ones from the chiropractor, I started using the bathroom more often at night; I don’t get more than two hours of sleep at a time. I thought it must be a coincidence, since supplements are slow-acting, but actually, the chiropractor called today to tell me to stop them until I see him Friday, because they might be too strong. He wants to do more testing.

I also started seeing a bit more blood, although that was before starting the new supplements. I really hope that the supplements for the parasites and/or the trial drug come through for me.


Thanksgiving is just about two weeks away! We were invited to our family-friends’ house, and at first I wasn’t sure about going – celebrating Thanksgiving isn’t a quick little thing, and I would be out of my comfort zone spending so much time away from home, and away from my own bathroom. But I gave it some thought – these are our good, life-long friends who I feel totally comfortable with, I’ve been to their house a million times, and they have three bathrooms! (We just have one.) So I gave my thumbs up to the invitation. I found out the menu, and of course there is plenty I can’t eat, although some that I can, and other things where cheating wouldn’t be so bad; I wouldn’t eat pie or breads, but I would cheat with some cheese appetizers, or cranberry sauce that likely has some sugar in it. It is a holiday after all – I deserve to stretch my diet a bit!

And I’m going to make food too, to supplement the menu. I’ll definitely be breaking the RepairVite diet, though not my gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, corn-free, soy-free diet. For appetizers, I’m planning on bringing rice crackers from the store, making a fig tapenade, and making tzatziki sauce. For dinner I have a recipe for almond bread, and I’m going to make Acorn Squash with Cranberry Apple Stuffing. And for dessert, Apple Crisp! That sounds like a lot, so we’ll see if it all happens, but it’s the plan. And who knows – maybe I’ll be feeling a bit better by then, too, from the parasite supplements.


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