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Update: Drug Trial, Parasites?

Lately, I haven’t been up for writing in my blog – my mind has just been on me, and not on spreading word of my progress. Also, my posts are usually on the optimistic and goofy side, and I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and stressed out lately, which I don’t want to bum you out with! But it’s raining outside, I’m already in my room, my Christmas lights are on, I already took a nap, and it will be awhile before we eat dinner, so it’s the perfect setup for blogging.

Drug Trial

This past Monday, I saw my primary care doctor, Dr. M, for my yearly physical. It was refreshing to see her, since I see my gastroenterologist, chiropractor, and acupuncturist all the time and am constantly in touch with my nutritionist. Dr. M is really open to the alternative approach I’m taking, yet she’s a doctor, and one that I love and trust. She looked at my latest bloodwork and weight and was really concerned, but on the other hand wasn’t pushing surgery. I told her about the drug trial that I had put off but was still a candidate for, and she encouraged taking this middle-of-the-road option. She said how maybe there was a point where the nutrition and everything could have turned this flare around, but at this point, I might just be too far gone (without using the words “too far gone”). I thought about that and realized it’s probably true; a big aspect to doing things naturally is acting before things get bad, an aspect I failed at. Remember: I started seeing blood at the beginning of April and didn’t do anything about it until the end of the month. So maybe the drug trial will give me a boost so that the natural approach can work. It’s only for 30 days, whether I like it or not. I let the research coordinator know that I’d like to participate, and so it’s on! I won’t be able to start until mid-November, though, since I just tapered on prednisone a couple weeks ago and they like things steady for four weeks before the trial. My nutritionist and chiropractor are both in support of me taking part in it.


This past Friday, I saw my mom’s chiropractor, Dr. C, who she had actually brought me to four years ago after I was first diagnosed with colitis. At that point, he did muscle testing and determined that I had parasites. I was in high school and had had no experience with muscle testing and thought that this was pretty quacky and I certainly did not have microscopic beings in me. Plus, the colitis was being handled just fine by taking medicine, and this guy wanted me to take three types of supplements, all with different directions for use? No thanks. The guy was also really confident about everything, and I didn’t see how. So I was done with him, until now. My mom had me go back to him for another opinion, and he came to the same conclusion: parasites. Also, lead poisoning, from my phone battery from China he suspected.

At this point, I had seen muscle testing with my chiropractor and nutritionist and had been involved with energy healing through acupuncture. Also, my nutritionist suspected parasites, although she had me send a stool sample out to a lab for testing, to make sure and to find out which parasites they are. (I haven’t gotten the results back yet.) So I was looking through a different lens and was more open to Dr. C’s conclusion. He recommended three supplements to take for eight weeks to rid me of the parasites and lead, and he basically said not to bother with all my other supplements until the parasites and lead are gone, since the parasites are just eating everything and I’m not absorbing anything.

I think it’s pretty likely I have parasites, now that I have two practitioners telling me so, and I’ll find out soon enough if I definitely do (from the stool test). Dr. C thinks that the parasites could be the cause of my colitis, an idea that I would love, because if it’s easy enough to get rid of them, then I’ll have gotten rid of my colitis! So I decided to buy the supplements, stop all my other supplements except for the probiotics, and see what happens. Wish me luck :)

In Other News

  • My nutritionist added rice back in my diet! Hooray!
  • I’m excited to wake up to snow tomorrow!
  • There are Reese’s in my house for the trick-or-treaters and you’re crazy if you think I’m not going to have a few.



2 comments on “Update: Drug Trial, Parasites?

  1. Ben
    October 31, 2011

    Keep fighting the good fight Roxanne!

  2. Anonymous
    November 8, 2011

    Sending prayers your way Roxanne!!!! Tell your mom I said hello. I truely hope things work out for you. It’s been a long drawnout situation and wish you all the best. Love ya

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