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Update: thyroid, retina, and colitis

I’ve been busy since I last posted here. I had the biopsy of a cyst on my thyroid at the Brigham, and today I found out that it is benign. I also got laser surgery in my left eye because I had lattice degeneration on the retina (little holes). That went fine, although the novocaine was killer. I’m scheduled to get my right eye done in November or December.

I also met my nutritionist for the first time; she used to have an office in Boston, which is where our friend who recommended her saw her years ago, but now she’s in Florida, so we’ve been doing phone consults and emailing. She was up here visiting family and made time to see me, which was great. She did muscle testing for my supplements and ended up taking one out, and based on our visit and my latest bloodwork, she’s going to switch up my supplements a bit more.

We’re also waiting on the results of a stool test my nutritionist recommended. She thinks that parasites could be an underlying cause of my colitis. There is a lab in Georgia that tests for parasites by picking up the DNA of them, which I guess is a really great way of doing it – nothing will be missed. If I do have parasites, then it’s just a matter of taking either supplements or medicine to get rid of them.

As for my colitis symptoms, I’ve been doing a bit better. The amount of blood is greatly reduced, although definitely not gone completely. And the other night, I only woke up once to use the bathroom. However, last night I was back to the usual three. It’s good news that I had that night at all, though.

I’m still on the RepairVite diet, which basically means meat and vegetables. SO MUCH MEAT! Chicken, fish, and beef. I find that turkey bothers me. The red meat is to help with the anemia. I’m also squeezing in two high-calorie drinks a day. Getting hungry is not allowed.

I really want pizza. Sighhhh


3 comments on “Update: thyroid, retina, and colitis

  1. bethechange85
    February 16, 2012

    I’m on this diet too. What are these “high calorie drinks” you are referring to?

  2. clementineseason
    February 16, 2012

    The high calorie drinks actually didn’t go by the standards of the RepairVite diet. I desperately needed to gain weight, though, so as my nutritionist said, we have to choose our battles. I used SupliMed Substi-Meal. I’m not sure how much it helped me to gain weight, and I didn’t see any improvement from the RepairVite diet either. However, both would probably work better for someone who didn’t have such a severely inflamed colon as mine was. My nutritionist said that she does the RepairVite diet once in awhile and she sees a difference.

  3. clementineseason
    February 16, 2012

    Also, my nutritionist had given me this link. It’s a sample Repairvite menu with some recipes and tips that someone put together: http://myhawc.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Intestinal-Repair-Sample-Menu.pdf

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