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Topsfield (un)Fair, and More

I’ve been on the RepairVite detox diet for about a week now, and it’s much more difficult to stick to than I thought it would be. It’s not that I’m really missing foods like eggs and yogurt, which I could eat before the detox; the problem, it turns out, is that the more restricted my diet is, the more overwhelmed I feel and the more difficult it is to not give in to temptation. Other factors that are making me feel a little overwhelmed are two new powdered supplements that I had mentioned before – the RepairVite powder to take three times a day and the high-calorie powder to take as often as possible. They actually both taste good, like iced tea and chocolate, respectively, but now my days completely revolve around making sure I take all of my supplements and eat the right foods. This holistic approach is a full-time job.

So about that temptation…I went to the Topsfield Fair on Saturday with a few friends, which was a big deal for me; going to a fair requires a lot of walking around and waiting in long lines for the toilet. I was a little nervous about going, and that morning I wasn’t feeling so well, but I had been planning on going to this for a month and wasn’t going to give up. I brought my own food, as I knew that fair cuisine would not fit into my strict diet. I ended up eating my apple and homemade hamburger on the drive there, so that all I had left was applesauce for the fair. I thought that this would do the trick, but once there, I craved something…illegal. The vendors were selling French fries, kettle corn, fried dough, cider donuts, sausages, ice cream, and more. And I had applesauce. (Flashback to my childhood: “Time for ice cream!” “Why don’t you have more peas?”)

So I made a decision. My friends and I were sitting at a picnic table, them all with food they had just bought, and I pronounced that I was going to find something I could eat…or couldn’t eat. I’m sorry, but fair food is irresistible! And I’m only human. I found free samples of German fries and gobbled down more than my share. And later, we found free samples of kettle corn. These small amounts of fair food were all I needed to satisfy the temptation, but we ended up leaving the fair later than any of us expected, and we stopped for food in downtown Topsfield so that my friends could get a whole pizza for $5 rather than a slice for $5 before we drove home. I didn’t eat the pizza, but I did eat the spicy fries that one of my friends ordered and offered to all of us. I was really hungry at this point, and again, applesauce was not going to cut it. THEY WERE SO DELICIOUS!

I used the toilet once I was home and simultaneously threw up those spicy fries on the bathroom floor. But it was worth it.


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