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Cowboys and Aliens: My perspective on healers

I see a doctor, a chiropractor, a nutritionist, and an acupuncturist. The great thing about having a variety of healers is that I gain information from a variety of backgrounds. However, these bits of information do not all complement each other, and I’m the one who has to choose between opposite pieces of advice.

  • Chiropractor says no red meat – difficult to digest + health dangers. Nutritionist and acupuncturist say eat red meat – best way to fight anemia.
  • Chiropractor and nutritionist say no honey – high glycemic index. Acupuncturist says honey heals.
  • Chiropractor and nutritionist say take these supplements. Acupuncturist says no supplements – “Eat like a human.”
  • And doctors are on another level completely. Drugs – Surgery – Solved!

I never saw the movie Cowboys and Aliens, but it’s about allopathic doctors and holistic doctors, right? No? Well with that title, it could be. Doctors are like cowboys – Drug ’em up! Chop it off! Yippeayay! Chiropractors, nutritionists, and acupuncturists are the aliens – We come bearing supplements and chi!

And I not only need to makes decisions based on their opposite perspectives, but I have the task of being a liaison and interpreter between them. I had a doctor’s appointment (gastroenterologist, not holistic) this past Tuesday, and it was horrible. First I saw the nurse that my doctor works with, who asked me about my latest symptoms, and then, because my doctor had to leave early, she brought in another doctor to speak with me. He tore me apart. As soon as he began speaking, I knew that I’d be crying during this appointment. And with words like: “Why do you bother coming to these appointments if you’re going to ignore everything we suggest?” how can I not break down? He was “terrified” of my low iron level, low weight, high heart rate, and high platelet count. He talked about the risks of all of these in ominous tones that my regular doctor has never used. I could tell he thought that my approach to healing was stupid, and going by my bloodwork trends since this flare started, I’ll agree that it doesn’t seem as if I’ve improved. But I know that in May, I was in pain and discomfort all day long, was not interested in doing anything, and hardly had an appetite, but now, I’m cooking, reading, and eating more, and I only experience some discomfort while using the bathroom. I’m pleased with my progress and generally feel happy. I’ve seen amazing changes, but the bloodwork doesn’t show that. This doctor said that symptomatic changes don’t necessarily mean the colon is healing, but I think that’s complete nonsense. How could it not be?

He asked, “What can we do to help you? Because we’re not doing that right now.” And I didn’t have an answer for him – Removing my colon is out of the question for me, yet he thinks that’s the “cure.” My regular doctor is in agreement with this doctor, but he’s always shown me respect and has been incredibly patient with my determination to do things naturally. Unfortunately, I know his patience and understanding is thinning.

I left the appointment more angry than scared, although I was jolted by hearing the dangers of my low iron, low weight, etc. I wasn’t about to give up on my nutritional path, yet I felt that I needed to do something differently. I spoke to my nutritionist, who is absolutely incredible, about the doctor’s concerns, and she did make some changes. I’ll be starting:

  • a high-calorie drink to help with the weight
  • a supplement that has hydrochloric acid in it to help with absorption of iron and other nutrients
  • liquid Vitamin A…I forget why but it was really important
  • RepairVite – a powdered supplement to mix with water that helps aid in “intestinal barrier integrity”
  • the RepairVite dietary recommendations. Many of them I’m already doing, but there are some big changes: no grains (yes, that includes rice and quinoa), no eggs (I have to rethink breakfast), and no foods containing large amounts of lectins (nuts, beans, legumes, nightshade vegetables)

I feel like I’m going into super-powered emergency mode here – making big changes, having doctors on my tail, saving my life. Roxanne to the rescue! I know I can do it.


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