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Oh and Also…

Colitis is my main concern right now, but unfortunately not my only one. In October I have a couple appointments that I am not looking forward to one bit. The first is to get a biopsy of a cyst on my thyroid. The cyst was discovered when I had mono last fall – my lymph-nodes were swollen and they did an ultrasound of my neck, and found a cyst that was 1.2 cm in diameter. Cysts on the thyroid are actually really common, but they want to look further into any that are over 1 cm wide. I’ve actually had biopsies done of this cyst twice this year, and both times, it turned out that not enough cells were collected. Third times a charm, though! And this time they’re going to count the cells before I leave the appointment. Getting the biopsy done fortunately doesn’t hurt, but it does feel weird, and it involves another ride into Boston.

The other appointment is to get laser surgery on my eyes to take care of some lattice degeneration, which is where the retina thins out and holes are formed, and it could lead to retinal detachment. So I have to get novocaine in my eyelids, and while I can handle IVs without a second thought, the idea of novocaine always freaks me out. I’ll get one eye done in October and the next eye probably in November. I need to wear an eyepatch after the surgeries, so I might have to be a pirate for Halloween.

Fun fun. Fun fun fun fun.



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This entry was posted on September 19, 2011 by in Health/Life Update.

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