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Update: What I’m feeling, watching, cooking, reading

What’s weird to think is that I’ve had this flare for almost six months. Half a year! That’s a big chunk of my life. It actually doesn’t seem that long, thank goodness. But it still seems pretty long.

It began at the beginning of April, I was in the hospital for two and a half weeks in May, I started seeing a chiropractor early June and an acupuncturist early July. In July I saw some great improvement, in August I backslid, and lately I’ve been improving a bit.

This upswing (using the bathroom 8-9 times a day instead of 11-12, seeing less blood, having a better appetite) began a few days before I began the new supplements from the nutritionist, and it’s continued as I’m almost a week into the new supplements. But there are still ups and downs between the days. Today was one of the better days, partially due to less interrupted sleep. (I got a whole four hours of sleep between 7am and 11am!) It seems that when I sleep better, I feel better during the day, not just with my energy level but with colitis symptoms.

I’d like to spend my days more productively, but it’s really hard to gather the motivation when a lot of what goes through my mind is “How many times have I used the bathroom so far today? How does that compare to lately? I wonder when I’ll go next.” Etc. It’s easiest just to do mindless things like watch television, but I also read and cook. Right now, I’m reading Siddhartha, and yesterday I made Peach Chicken for dinner. So delicious! It takes longer than 60 minutes, though, at least in my oven. (Double that time, then add some.)

But at least when I’m watching television, I’m watching quality shows and movies rather than Jersey Shore. Yesterday, You’ve Got Mail was on, followed by Patch Adams. I had seen them both before, but they are some of my favorites and I love seeing movies a second time. We also got a movie from the library that I had heard about in a preview, called Get Low. It was pretty good. Robert Duvall is this hermit who wants to have a funeral before he dies, and Bill Murray is the funeral director.

Oh and another thing I’m reading: Archie Comics. I have a huge collection that my cousins in Nova Scotia gave to me a long time ago, and I always used to keep a few in the bathroom. Now, I really need bathroom reading material, so I’m making my way through the collection once again. They are so great.


2 comments on “Update: What I’m feeling, watching, cooking, reading

  1. Anonymous
    September 18, 2011

    Rox…Peach chicken? I’ve got to get the recipe for that.

    • clementineseason
      September 18, 2011

      You should be able to click on “Peach Chicken” in the blog and it links to the recipe. I used olive oil instead of grapeseed oil, and left out the thyme since we didn’t have any, but I’ll bet it would be great with thyme included. But as long as there’s a chicken, peaches, and shallots, it will be delicious.

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