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Looking forward to leaves looking like this. (Photo taken Fall 2008)

Sweater season has arrived! I love fall. I’ll probably spend more time outdoors since the air is dryer and the temperature cooler. This morning, my parents and I ate breakfast on the patio, then I lied out on the grass for awhile. The heat bothers me – not just because it’s uncomfortable, but also because humidity can increase inflammation.

The Topsfield Fair starts at the end of the month, and I think I’ll go this year, although it will be difficult to not buy a cider donut or fried dough. Sighhh.

I can at least enjoy hot apple cider this fall, mmm. Maybe cook with pumpkins too? And in the cooler weather, I won’t be as reluctant to use the oven, so I’ll be able to have a greater variety of food – I can use almond flour for baking and will be able to make crackers, muffins, bread, etc. A version of them, anyways. Still no sugar or sweeteners allowed! But dates can add some natural sweetness and I found a blog that has recipes that only use dates as a sweetener.

My life rotates around food, it seems.


One comment on “Fall

  1. Anonymous
    October 2, 2011

    I am with you 100%.

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