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I had a double-booking issue; I was going to start the trial drug next week, but I also recently spoke to a nutritionist who will be giving me more supplements which will probably arrive next week. If I wanted to start the trial drug, I would have to hold off on the new supplements, or vice versa. I chose the vice versa option – i.e. I have a lot of faith in this nutritionist and I’m going to see what comes of her plan for me. If it doesn’t work out, I can start the drug later.

The same family friend who introduced me to the eggplant dip recipe I wrote about in my last post also was the one who recommended this nutritionist. She used to practice in the Boston area but now lives in Florida, so we did a phone consult. I told her my entire medical history, with a focus on my colitis history and current symptoms. She knows the supplements I’m on and made several additions. I’ll be receiving them in the mail on Monday. She told me that if I don’t see improvement within a week, she’ll adjust the supplements. That’s what I like to hear! I’ve been on the same supplement regimen for months now with only a couple slight changes, so I’m looking forward to an updated one.

As far as my health goes, the past couple days haven’t been great, but the few days before that I was doing noticeably better than the couple weeks before that. So…that’s that.


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