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Gut Feelings

Questions for myself to answer…soon

  1. Live in Boston or at home September-December? (Need to inform my roommates and find a subletter if living at home) Home
  2. If I live in Boston, take one class or two? If I live at home, take one class online? (Need to get into class(es), which will probably involve dialogue between me, Northeastern, and the social worker at the hospital, ugh) No classes
  3. Get Remicade infusion next week? Undecided

The first two can’t be last minute decisions…they’re ones I need to make within the next week. The last one can be last minute, but last minute is next week.

Sometimes when I wake up during the night to use the bathroom (2-3 times a night right now), I have trouble falling back asleep. Currently blaming that on these questions and their lack of quick & easy answers.


One comment on “Questions for myself to answer…soon

  1. Anonymous
    August 12, 2011

    Stay at home, take online classes, stay on Remicade, gain weight and strength, go back in January.

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