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Gluten vs. Wheat, Plus a Quick Review of Breads

I’ve looked up the difference between gluten and wheat before, and this time I’m going to remember. I found a short and clear explanation on a blog called Nature Moms:

Wheat is a grain. We all know that. Gluten is the sticky protein that is found in wheat and other grains such as barley, rye, malt, and – to some extent – oats. Wheat and gluten are related – they come together in a package.

Gluten is what binds the dough in breads and baked goods.  So if wheat and gluten are not the same thing, but are so closely related, is it possible to have an allergy or intolerance to one and not the other?

Well, if you’re allergic to gluten, you need to stay away from wheat, since wheat contains gluten. And if you’re allergic to wheat, since gluten is part of wheat’s make up, then you probably need to avoid gluten as well. But if you’re allergic only to wheat, you can still enjoy other grains that have gluten in them.

The word “grain” also floats around in my mind when I think of wheat and gluten. Wheat is a type of grain, and some grains have gluten, and others do not. A list of grains with and without gluten are listed here.

GF Breads

So far, I’ve tried only two types of gluten-free breads and one almost-GF bread. All of them were much better toasted; in fact, that’s really the only way I’ll eat them. In order from best to worst:

  1. Food for Life Ezekiel Bread
  2. Udi”s White Sandwich Bread
  3. Food for Life Brown Rice Bread

The Ezekiel bread is NOT gluten-free, but because this brand sprouts their wheat before making the bread, the gluten becomes more digestible. They explain it here. Compared to the GF breads I tried, this one has the best texture (probably because of the gluten) and taste.

Udi’s was decent – nothing great, nothing really negative. I’d like to try their other GF breads.

The brown rice bread was oddly moist, no matter how much I toasted it. Gross. I don’t recommend this one.


One comment on “Gluten vs. Wheat, Plus a Quick Review of Breads

  1. Ben
    July 18, 2011

    The Ezekiel Bread is delicious; I’m actually glad you reminded me about it so I can get some. LOVE reading and learning about this.

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